Know Your Artichokes

The word artichoke has always been of much interest to me. As a kid I thought artichokes were related to anchovies. As I have a fear of fish, a fear I’ve had since 2001 -coincidentally the same year a Turkish Great Aunt tried to get 8-year-old me to gut fish for the family barbecue – has meant I’ve successfully steered clear of anything being on my plate that should otherwise be living happily in the sea.

As the years go by and I reach adulthood, I continue to get “artichoke” mixed up with “anchovy”, seeing either on the menu would result in my panicking and picturing fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads.

Of course eventually I grew to learn that artichokes are a delightfully prepared green thistle and after trying them I decided I quite actually liked them. They’re really nice.

Welcome to the artichoke series. (I’m saving the title The Incredibly Bourgeois Life & Times of Persis Vaughan for the future autobiography and/or televised biopic…)